© 2019 by Keenan McKenzie



Inspired by the 2017 release of Forged In Rhythm, this group was formed to continue playing the music of that recording. In a sense, the "album sneak peak" dance was the inaugural show! Since then, The Riffers have been hired to play dance weekends from Durham, NC to San Francisco, CA. 


Keenan McKenzie and the Riffers are a dance band designed to perform original music and tight arrangements from the 1930s and 1940s. With three horns, the group plays a mix of clever big band reductions and swing-era combo tunes. Keenan leads with nearly ten years of experience running bands and playing for dancers. As a Lindy hopper, he programs shows with a critical attention to tempo and emphasizes rhythm and energy on the bandstand.


The Riffers perform as a six-piece up to an eight-piece band with a dedicated vocalist. 

First and final photos by Micah Joel Haycraft